The Environment - Connection Express

Environmental Policy

Connection Express Parcels Ltd was established in 1982, and offers secure and reliable, same-day delivery to places within the UK.

Currently the company has contracts with the NHS and local council, the company also deals in day to day work with various professions both locally and nationwide.

Connection is committed to the continual improvement of its environmental performance and to preventing pollution by developing and maintaining an efficient Environmental Management System. Connection’s Express Parcels Ltd and will;

  1. Take account of, and comply with, all relevant legislative requirements that the company’s environmental aspects are governed by.
  1. Make use of recycling disposal routes when practical.
  1. Take account of the extent CEPL can influence and control environmental aspects
  1. Ensure that all our staff appreciates the environmental consequences of their work so that environmental gains may be maximised and adverse impacts avoided or minimised.
  1. Communicate to staff how their individual work effects the environment, in order for the company as a whole to avoid negative environmental impacts.
  1. Minimise the impact of vehicles on the use of natural resources and emissions to air through careful monitoring of fuel consumption and streamlining of routes
  1. Reduce the impact that our vehicles have on emissions to air and the depletion of natural resources.

Our environmental management system, policy and all objectives and targets set are annually reviewed, ensuring that they continue to address our major environmental aspects, allowing us to continually develop our environmental performance.

Alistair – Operations Manager